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Where/How do I get Action Quake?

The primary installation for AQtion is via Steam:


For those who don't have Steam or don't wish to use it, you can also download the latest releases at the Github Release page

Alternatively, there are other distributions:

Ok, downloaded! Now what?

Launch q2pro and browse the servers or the address book, or ask in the Discord chat if there's anyone playing and to join them. You can also view servers in your browser, who's playing, and so forth.

How to I change my key bindings and controls?

Go to the main menu (Escape key) and go to

  • Settings -> General Bindings


  • Settings -> Weapon Bindings

  • If you'd prefer to edit a config file with a text editor, go to action/q2config.cfg and edit the file by hand.

No one's playing! What do?

Ask around in Discord, check the #pickup channels or ask in #general

You can also play against bots!

This is pending development:

  • Select the play against bots menu item
  • Choose a map, teamplay and other options, and select Begin Game
  • If you want to edit how many bots spawn, or the names of the bots, edit the file located in action/bots/spawnbots.cfg

This is live:

  • Select play against bots in the menu, or
  • Open the console and connect

I want to host my own AQ2 server!

Visit for details

Additionally, becoming an AQtion Hero or AQtion Gold via Patreon has the option to have the AQ2World Team host the server for you, in the region of your choice (limited by availability and cost, please ask the team for details)

I want to learn console commands, where should I look?

Check out AQ2 Binds and Commands