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There's a lot of Quake II console commands, but we're going to focus on ones of particular use in AQ2

General Use

These can be used at any time, whether you're on the menu or in the middle of a match

Command Notes
connect <ip> Connect to a server using ip:port or hostname:port
disconnect Disconnect from a server
reconnect Reconnect to the last connected server
quit Exit the game

In-Game AQ2

These commands can be used while a map is loaded or connected to a remote server

Command Notes
team 1/2/3/none Join specific team or leave one
stats Show your stats
stats list Show players' stats list
stats # Show specific player's stats
votemap <mapname> Vote for a map
votekick <nickname> Vote for a user to be kicked
voteconfig <configname> Vote for a specific mode
votescramble Vote for teams to be scrambled
ignorelist Show player list
ignore # or ignore <nickname> Add or remove player from your ignorelist

Matchmode Commands

These commands are available for matchmode servers only

Command Notes
captain Claim or release being team's captain
sub Sub or unsub your team
ready Ready or unready for the matchmode
lock Lock or unlock the team
teamname <your team name> Set a custom team name
teamskin Change your team's player skin
resetscores Send opposite team's captain request to reset scoreboard

J-Mod only

You can go to your locally created server by typing gamemap <mapname>.

To get the list of all maps on your drive press TAB key after typing gamemap. Another option that is better suited for jumping is jmod which is jump mod for AQ2. There is no fall damage, you can't shoot other players and it provides other info like current and highest speed. Server with jmod can be found in the server browser - just look for AQ2 JMOD - Jump around like a PRO.

It has several features and its own commands:

Command Notes
teleporter set Set a custom spawn point to recall
teleporter recall Spawn at a custom set spawn point
spawnp Spawn at random spawn point
spawnp # Spawn at specific spawn point
lca Start LCA sequence
puppet Place or remove a puppet on your location