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Scenario Types

Original AQDT Docs


  • ETV - Escort the VIP
    • One team must ESCORT their Leader to a point on the map. The other team's objective is to kill the enemy Leader before they reach the point on the map. This is similar to Assassinate the Leader in that the most important member of the team is the Leader, and the team that is escorting them must protect him.
      • If the escorting team brings the Leader to the defined ESCORT point, the defending team all dies at once immediately, the escorting team earns a team point, and all players on the escorting team earn points.
      • If the defending team kills the escorting team's Leader, the escorting team all dies at once immediately, the defending team earns a team point, and all players on the defending team earn points.
  • ATL - Assassinate the Leader
    • The objective of the scenario is to kill the other team's leader before they kill yours. When a team team kills the opposing team's Leader, all members of the opposing team dies, the round ends, and your team scores a team point (exactly like Teamplay). Players on both teams will respawn periodically, with the exception of the Leader, based on the scene's settings.
  • CNH - Capture 'n Hold
    • Your team must capture an area and hold it. As long as your team 'owns' that area, everyone on the team gains points on an interval. To capture an area, you must stand in or near the area with no other enemies in that same area for 2 seconds. You can define as many areas as you want, some maps makes more sense to have multiple capture points, and some make sense to only have one. A team must hold all points simultaneously to score a point, game messaging will reflect changes of possession of all points, or broken possessions.
  • CTB - Capture the Briefcase
    • This is CTF, but with briefcases, and a few twists. One unique aspect of this is that in order to pick up the briefcase, you must have a single MK23 or throwing/slashing knives equipped. You can't hold a briefcase with two hands on a gun, after all. If you pick up the briefcase with a knife in hand, you will not be able to switch to a weapon other than a single MK23 pistol, and vice versa.. If you attempt to walk over a briefcase to pick it up and you don't have a free hand, you do not pick up or return the briefcase, you walk through it. Another aspect is that you cannot return your briefcase unless your own briefcase is at home base. This means you have to decide how many team members to send after the enemy briefcase holder while still defending your own.
  • FRD - Find, Retrieve, Defend
    • This is a mixture of Escort the VIP and Capture the Briefcase. A player on one team is chosen to pickup a package from a fixed location, and deposit it at another fixed location. The enemy team's objective is to assassinate that player. This scene involves a two goals for the escorting team -- one goal is to escort the carrier/leader to a target area to retrieve an object (briefcase), and then escort the carrier from that location to the delivery point. An example scene in avenue1 is to retrieve a briefcase of drugs from a truck and deliver it to the limo on the other side of the map.

Server Settings

scripts [0/1] - Activates Espionage mode and reads scenes from the scenes/ directory, and scenario lists are read from action.scp