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Server Settings

matchmode [0/1] - Turns Matchmode on (1) or off (0). Turning Matchmode on will turn Teamplay on too.
captain - Become the team's captain if not captain exists yet. A captain can ready/unready his team and speak to the other team. (client side)
sub - this will make you a sub for the team or remove you from the subs and back in the team. (client side)
ready - this will ready/unready the team. A new round won't start if a team isn't read. (client side)
teamname "name" - allows the captain to set the name of his/her team. (client side)
teamskin "male/resdog" - allows the captain to set the name of his/her team. (client side)
mm_forceteamtalk [0/1/2] - this will change the way people can talk on the server. When set to 0, it will be the same as with normal teamplay. When set to 1, the teams will not be able to talk with each other, except for the admin and the captains. When set to 2, teams can talk with each other until the match starts and when the match is paused or over.
mm_adminpwd <pass> - this will set the password for match admins.
matchadmin <pass> - this will allow a player to get admin status. (client side)
mm_allowlock [0/1] - when on (1), this will allow captains to lock/unlock their teams.
lock - allows a captain to lock his team. When a team is locked, noone can join it. Locks are removed on a new map. (client side)
unlock - allows a captain to unlock his team. (client side)